Training Update: 6th – 16th May

Posted by on 17 May, 2010
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I better do another training update before I lose track! Training is starting to turn into a blur, there is so much going on these days so i’m a little short on detail.

Thursday 6th Lacken Kayaking (Richard, Finbar, Sean)
Another fine evening on the lake we did a little over two hours. Interestingly we were joined by Beth McCluskey this evening. She is gearing up for the West Wicklow Roar after her recent success with team AR Denny in Seans Total Experience Adventure Race. Best of luck!

Its great to be coming off the water after these sessions with no aches or pains in the shoulders/arms. The improvements in technique are really paying off.

Friday 7th Road Cycle (Richard, Karen)
The route taken was Brittas, Kilbride, Sally Gap, Lacken, Brittas. Everything went well until Richard punchered his tyre coming off the what has now become know as the “Hill of Death” :) This is where the Gap Rd comes down from Black Hill into Lacken. This will be the first part of the final road bike stage in the upcoming West Wicklow Roar. This is sure to claim a few victims on race day!

Sunday 9th Circuit of Avonbeg Recce (Karen, Finbar, Richard)

See report here

Wednesday 12th Tibradden IMRA LL Race (Karen)
Karen was back out for the IMRA Leinster League race in Tibradden and finished a very respectable second. Richard was on laptop duties for the evening and had a while to wait before all competitors finally crossed the finish line. I cycled from work out to Lacken for a lap around the West Wicklow Roar course and to take in the “Hill Of Death”. I returned via the Sally Gap in what must have been sub zero temperatures to meet the lads in Tibradden.

Thursday 13th Lacken Kayaking (Richard, Finbar, Sean)
Cycling out from work I knew we were in for a rough night when I seen the waves on Blessington lake. These were the roughest conditions we had experienced on the lake and it didn’t help that double Richard and I had taken had a dodgey rudder. We kept having to correct our course and it made for a frustrating evening. All good experience I guess but we will definetly need to practice stearing without a rudder in the case of the worst. Sean was having a hard enough time in a single but all made it home safely. Surely we won’t see conditions like this in August for the Adidas!?!?

Saturday 15th Circuit of Avonbeg (Sean), Road Cycle (Karen, Finbar)
After a trip to the physio with his groin problem Richard was advised to give the running a break for a while. My ankle still wasn’t the best after the recce the previous weekend so that left Sean doing the Circuit of Avonbeg on his own. Karen and I decided to go for a long cycle instead. We cycled from Enniskerry up toward the Sally Gap and down into Laragh before heading to Glenmalure where we hoped to meet Sean fresh from completing the race. We met him at the Shay Elliot monument and got the briefing. Sean had a great race finishing the course in 237:54 He lost time coming down off Mullacour due to incorrect route choice. I believe we made the same error during our recce the previous weekend. Myself and Karen cycled back to Enniskerry via Roundwood to complete a total of 81km.

Sunday 16th Ballyhoura Mountain Biking (Richard, Finbar, Karen)

See report here

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