Orion Health GodZone Adventure 7th-14th April 2012

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Its just a month now until the first GodZone Adventure Race in Queenstown, New Zealand. Myself and Karen will be taking in the race as the final week of our honeymoon. We’re both extremely excited and looking forward to the race (and the wedding of course!) GodZone has been put together by highly experienced adventure racers Warren Bates and Adam Fairmaid. Along with the help of some other highly experienced racers the event promises to be a true XPD adventure. The event team lineup is impressive in itself: http://www.godzoneadventure.com/the-adventure/meet-the-team/
In there own words:
“The races of yesteryear were often raw and wild, sometimes lacking in organisational prowess, but no less competitive for that fact. The modern generation of races have become more ‘race’ focused with physical difficulty and speed being the defining characteristics. Warren and Adam are aiming for the best of both worlds – in short, bring back the adventure, keep the attention to detail and let the competitors have highly competitive fun.”

We have been lucky to find two excellent team mates for the race. We will be joining forces with New Zealanders Wendy Riach and Ian Huntsmann. Wendy and Ian have alot of experience on the Multisport and local Adventure Racing scene in New Zealand. Like ourselves they are excited about taking on the challenge of a true XPD race. Ian and Wendy are both very accomplished kayakers and we will no doubth learn alot from them on the water. Our experience on the hills will hopefully help us to form a strong unit. Our goals for the race are simpley to have fun, enjoy the experience and finish the race.

Racing on the other side of the World has presented many logistic issues for myself and Karen but Wendy and Ian have been of great help. Many of the large items on the kit list are being provided by the guys and the race organisers are supplying kayaks. The largest items we will take with us to New Zealand will be our KTM mountain bikes. We’ve had to purchase two bike boxes but these will be an investment for hopefully future races like the Adidas Terrex later this year. We’ve upgraded other items of gear and once again reviewed the food strategy for the race. The mandatory kit requirements are not too extensive but this will be the first Adventure Race where we will have carried a tent and sleeping bags at all times.

The schedule for the race is setting us up for an epic journey around New Zealands south island. Registration, gear check, team photos and other formalities are taken care of on the Saturday. Sunday teams will be transported to an overnight camp 7 hours away. Teams will be self sufficient for this period sleeping in their own tents, cooking their own meals the night before and breakfast that morning. Its sounds pretty remote! The race will then start at 6:30am on Monday morning. The top teams are expected to finish sometime on the Thursday and the course will close on Saturday at 3pm.

Training for the event has been a challenge. The winter months in Ireland arn’t exactly the best time to prepare for an Adventure Race… or maybe they are. We’ve focused alot on the bike and our overall fitness is good. We’ve also managed to do some good work on foot taking advantage of local Night-O events, some trail runs and long treks. Kayaking has been limited to once a week. We’re happy with where we are.

The team list is intimidating including teams like Seagate, Blackheart and Subway. Its one of these races where you can expect to find yourself 12 hours behind after only 24 hours of racing. Sounds crazy I know but these guys are so far ahead of the game. It will be great to see them in action if only for a brief fleeting period at the start of the race. They are phenominal athletes. There will be many races within the race itself. We will have our own race in here somewhere and we look forward to the banter amongst these teams.

One of the great things about the GodZone race is the Live Coverage that will be available during the race. Its so important these days and allows racers to share their experiences with friends and family. The organisers have assembled a strong media team and we expect the quality of the live coverage to be excellent. More details should be available on the race website closer to the race: http://www.godzoneadventure.com/live-coverage/

Check out the promo video:
Orion Health GODZone Adventure 2012 Promo

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