Adidas Adventure Race Stirling 2012 – Preview

Posted by on 15 August, 2012
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Its just days to go now until this years Adidas Adventure Race in Stirling Scotland. We’re all very excited to be taking on what is shaping up to be a great race. The race will be made up of a broad range of teams from elite teams containing ex World Champions to novices taking on their first expedition race. The schema for the race was published earlier this week and we got our first glimpse of what lies ahead. We won’t recieve the race maps until closer to the event but we now know the structure of the race:

Stage 1: Trail Run 10km
Stage 2: MTB 80km
Stage 3: Canoe 6km
Stage 4: Trek 30km (optional)
Stage 5: Canoe 40km
Stage 6a: MTB 30km, Canyoning
Stage 6b: MTB 90km, Orienteering 10km
Stage 6c: MTB 70km
Stage 7: Trek 105km
Stage 8: MTB 40km
Stage 9: Canoe 60km
Stage 10: MTB 60km

The race looks like a bit of a monster totaling over 630km. Our aim as always will be to have fun, enjoy the race and most importantly finish.

If your in the mood for some arm chair Adventure Racing next week you can track us, along with the other Irish Adventure Racing teams (Moxie Racers, Irish Army AR, over at:

The live website will not be available until closer to the race start on Monday. In the mean time more information is available on the main race website:

Don’t be afraid to send on the odd message of support during the race!

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